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Casino up to $500 bonus & Promotions


Up to $500 deposit bonus on Jozz website
You have a great opportunity to diversify the gameplay at any time, thanks to a set of special promo offers at Jozz Casino.
Get a starting promotion for a deposit of $10 or more after activating this bonus. No welcome reward will be awarded without activation.
You will receive a bonus equal to 100% of the made deposit. The accrual does not exceed $500. You can withdraw this amount only after wagering with x40 odds. Jozz
The period for wagering the bonus is 30 days – after this period, the accruals are debited from your account.
While the accrual is on the Bonus account, it cannot be used for bets and you cannot perform any other actions with it – only withdraw to the Real account if all wagering conditions are met.
Check out other offers in the “Promo” section that will make your game even more interesting!

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18+ New Customers , Only, Gamble Responsibly – – Play Responsibly
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Free spins in regular promo

2 steps:
30FS – to Bonus account
15FS – to Real account

As part of the bonus program of Jozz Casino, you can take part in the promotion for the accrual of 30 and 15 free spins in two stages every week.
In the first stage, 30 free spins are credited for a deposit of $10 or more. Winnings for these spins go to the Bonus account and are withdrawn only after wagering with a wager from x45 to x30, depending on the current status of the account.
The wagering period for winnings for free spins is 30 days from the date of accrual. While these funds are in the Bonus Account, they cannot be used for playing up to full wagering and withdrawal to the Real account.
The second stage, where 15 free spins are credited for a deposit of $15 or more, is available if you participate in the first one. Winnings for these spins are credited to the Real account and are not wagered.
In addition to this regular promotion, the website also hosts other special events with rewards in the form of free spins. You can always find any clarifications regarding the bonus policy in the section “Terms and Conditions”.
Participate and win regular promotions from Jozz, and be the first to know about special offers by subscribing to our news!

Deposit bonus and Friday insurance

50% Bonus – And Insurance of any deposit

Many people are looking forward to Friday for various reasons and in the case of Jozz it is a bonus of 50% for a deposit, as well as insurance!
An incentive of 50% of any deposit on Friday is credited to the Bonus account. You can move these funds to the Real balance only after wagering x40.
To receive a bonus, you should activate the corresponding promotion in your personal account or at the cash desk before making a deposit. The promotion is valid only for 1 deposit. The bonus wagering period is 30 days from the date of its accrual.
As part of the Friday promotion, you can also get a refund of 15% of the deposit amount for which you received the bonus.
Refunds are credited to the Real account after contacting the support service on the website, but only if your balance is less than $1.
Get the Friday bonus and check out other offers in the Promo section of the Jozz website!

Birthday bonus from Jozz Casino

When accepting gifts and congratulations on your birthday, do not forget to enter Jozz Casino, because here you will find a bonus!
The size of the gift depends on the total amount of deposits made in the last 12 months. The amount of funds withdrawn for the year is subtracted from this value, as well as the balance on the balance at the time the bonus is credited.
To receive a birthday reward, the total amount of your deposits for the year must be at least 100 USD / 100 EUR / 6000 RUB / 45000 KZT. The gift is credited in the form of funds to the Real account without the need to wager. Jozz
Below you can find out in detail what kind of bonus size different ranges of deposits for the year suggest:

5 USD/EUR /300 RUB /2 250 KZT / 0,000205 BTC / 0,003 ETH / 0,055 LTC – from 100 USD/EUR /6 000 RUB /45 000 KZT / 0,0041 BTC / 0,06 ETH / 1,1 LTC to 500.99 USD/EUR /30 000.99 RUB /225 000.99 KZT / 0,02054059 BTC / 0,300594 ETH / 5,51089 LTC Jozz
25 USD/EUR /1 500 RUB /11 250 KZT / 0,001025 BTC / 0,015 ETH / 0,275 LTC – from 501 USD/EUR /30 001 RUB /225 001 KZT / 0,020541 BTC / 0,3006 ETH / 5,511 LTC to 1000.99 USD/EUR /60 000.99 RUB /450 000.99 KZT / 0,04104059 BTC / 0,600594 ETH / 11,01089 LTC
50 USD/EUR /3 000 RUB /22 500 KZT / 0,00205 BTC / 0,03ETH / 0,55 LTC – from 1001 USD/EUR /60 001 RUB /450 001 KZT / 0,041041 BTC / 0,6006 ETH / 11,011 LTC to 2000.99 USD/EUR /120 000.99 RUB /900 000.99 KZT / 0,08204059 BTC / 1,200594 ETH / 22,01089 LTC Jozz
100 USD/EUR /6 000 RUB /45 000 KZT / 0,0041 BTC / 0,06 ETH / 1,1 LTC – from 2001 USD/EUR /120 001 RUB /900 001 KZT / 0,082041 BTC / 1,2006 ETH / 22,011 LTC to 5000.99 USD/EUR /300 000.99 RUB /2 250 000.99 KZT / 0,20504059 BTC / 3,000594 ETH / 55,01089 LTC
200 USD/EUR /12 000 RUB /90 000 KZT / 0.0082 BTC / 0,12 ETH / 2,2 LTC – from 5001 USD/EUR /300 001 RUB /2 250 001 KZT / 0,205041 BTC / 3,0006 ETH / 55,011 LTC and more

Let the joy of gifts and attention on your birthday be even brighter with a bonus from Jozz! Well, on the rest of the days you will find many more interesting rewards from our promo program.


1. To reward Players, the Casino may offer bonuses to Players (deposit and no deposit), free spins, tournaments, lotteries and other types of bonuses. Jozz
2. The conditions for receiving and wagering bonuses and other types of promotions are described in the Clause 10 of the Terms and Conditions. Certain types of non-recurring bonuses may have their own rules for participation and use. In this case, bonuses will be received in accordance with these additional rules for participation and use, and in the event of any discrepancy between these Terms and Conditions and the additional rules for participation and use, additional rules for participation and use shall supersede the general rules set out below in the Clause 11. Jozz
3. One player can participate in bonus promotions offered by the Casino using only one (1) gaming account.
4. Player statuses allow players to receive additional bonuses. After registration, all players receive the “New” status. However, when placing bets, the player’s status is updated and the status increases depending on the increase in the amount of bets placed by the player during the last thirty (30) days. The amount of bets in cryptocurrency is calculated based on the exchange rate of this cryptocurrency to USD. Below is a table of changes in the Player’s status, depending on the amount of bets
5. Statuses are assigned to a player for the amount of bets placed in all types of games within one month. The statuses are assigned to the player automatically at the beginning of each day based on the results of the bets placed, if the player has made the required amount of bets in the previous 30 days from the date of verification. If the amount of bets is less than the current one, then the status is reduced to the previous one. Only the New status does not decrease.
6. Players’ statuses affect a number of parameters of the bonus policy, the details are presented in the table below
7. Accrued bonuses are transferred to a special bonus account. Jozz
Bonus funds cannot be played until they are fully wagered and transferred to the Player’s real account. To transfer funds from a bonus account to a real account, you should place a certain amount of bets, a multiple of the amount of bonuses issued.
For example, a player was given 20 euros of bonuses, the wagering factor of the bonus, according to the rules of the promotion, is x25. Under such conditions, to clear the bonus, the Player needs to place bets in the amount of 20×25 = 500 euros. Until the Player has placed enough bets, the amount of this bonus remains on the bonus account.
8. To wager the bonus, you can use only those funds that are on the real gaming account, bonuses credited to the bonus account cannot be used for this. Jozz
9. Bonuses are cleared in the sequence in which they were credited to the bonus account. That is, first clears first issued bznus, then the second, etc. Each bonus has a fixed life of 30 days from the date of accrual.
10. In the following types of games, only 5% of the bet amount is taken into account when clearing the bonus. Roulette; Blackjack; Punto blanco (Baccarat); Craps (Dice); Poker; Video poker.
11. In the following types of games, only 1% is taken into account when wagering the bonus: Castle Builder; Forsaken Kingdom; Jekyll and Hyde; Scrooge; Tomb Raider 2; Big Bangâ?¢; Blood Suckersâ?¢; Robin Hood Shifting Riches; The Wish Masterâ?¢. 1429 Uncharted Seas. Santa’s Wonderland. Spaceman. Mines.
12. If a player wants to refuse any bonus – he can do it by contacting the support email or chat. At the same time, when the bonus is canceled, the bonus will be debited from the bonus account in full, and the wagering requirement for the bonus will be canceled. The same happens when the bonus expires, the bonus is debited, and the wagering is burned out. Canceled bonuses are non-refundable. Jozz
13. The bonuses offered by the Casino are divided into 2 (two) categories: deposit and no deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses are calculated as a reward for deposits made and, as a rule, their size depends on the amount of deposits. No deposit bonuses are awarded when performing any actions on the part of the Player, according to the terms of a specific promotion.
14. For all new players, a 100% First Deposit Bonus is available on an ongoing basis. The first deposit bonus applies only to the first deposit of the Player, it is equal to 100% of the amount of the first deposit. The maximum amount of the First Deposit Bonus is 500.00 USD or equivalent. The minimum deposit amount to receive the bonus is 10.00 USD or equivalent, the wagering coefficient is x40. Also, on a regular basis, the Casino launches special offers with bonuses for subsequent deposits, details of promotions are reported on the Casino website, through players’ mail, feedback and in a special Clause “Promotions and bonuses” in the Player’s profile. The wagering coefficient for such bonuses ranges from x45 to x30, depending on the Player’s status (see the Clause 11.6 of these Terms and Conditions). Jozz
15. Free spins are a special type of bonus accruals that entitles the Player to make several spins in certain slot machines for free, that is, without using funds on a real account. The issued Free spins are characterized by 3 parameters – the game in which the free spins were issued, the number of free spins and the size of the bet in each round.
16. If Free spins are issued as part of a deposit promotion, and the winnings are credited immediately to a real account, then to withdraw this winnings, you should place an amount of bets 10 times higher than the amount of the deposit for which Free spins were accrued. The entire winning amount can be used to fulfill this betting condition.
17. If Free spins are issued as a no deposit bonus or for a deposit, but with the accrual of winnings to the bonus account, then such winnings are subject to the usual rules for using bonus funds described in paragraph 11.7 of these Terms and Conditions. Jozz
18. BackDeposit is a weekly return of part of the fund lost during the previous week. Accruals under the “BackDeposit” program are made every Saturday at 01:00 UTC, on an ongoing basis.
The refund is calculated according to the formula: (Amount_ of_deposits_for_past_period – sum_of_withdrawals_for__past_period – balance_on_account) * percentage_refund_according to_status.
The return percentage depends on the player’s status and is presented in table 11.6.
BackDeposit is credited with real money or cryptocurrency and does not require wagering. To qualify for a refund, the minimum amount of player deposits must be 15 USD / 15 EUR / 1000 RUB / 6750 KZT or equivalent of the cryptocurrency to USD for the credited period. Jozz
19. Tournaments (also Competitions) are special contests that the Casino regularly holds among the Players. Each tournament has a certain number of prize places, the mechanics of determining the winners, a list of games participating in the tournaments. Prizes in tournaments can be credited in cash to a real account or in another form, if provided for by the Rules of a particular tournament. The list and distribution of prizes, the conditions for determining the rating of players in the leaderboards, the minimum bet qualifying in the tournament, as well as other possible additional conditions and / or restrictions are described in the Rules of a particular tournament in the Clause “Tournaments” of the Casino. To participate in a tournament, the Player should click on the button “take part” in the corresponding tournament. By clicking on the button “take part” the Player accepts the rules of the tournament. Each tournament is held at a specific time period. Changes in the leaderboard may be delayed up to 1 minute for technical reasons. Winnings in tournaments are credited no later than the day following the end of the tournament. Jozz
20. Bonus codes are a special tool for calculating bonuses. The Casino gives bonus codes to Players individually. With the help of Bonus Codes, funds can be credited to a bonus account, money to a real account, free spins. Also, the Bonus code can open the player access to special promotions, allowing the Player to receive a certain bonus both for a deposit and for other actions provided for by a particular Promo.
21. Bonuses that have not been won back do not impose restrictions on the withdrawal of funds from a real account. However, in case of withdrawal of funds, all bonuses that have not been wagered on the bonus account will expire (are canceled). Jozz
22. The Casino has the right to refuse the Player to use any bonus accruals without giving any reason. In this case, all bonuses and free spins provided to the Player will be canceled. All winnings from these bonuses (also free spins) can also be canceled. In this case, the Player may still be able to play using exclusively his real gaming account.
23. In case of revealing the facts of abuse by the player of the bonus program (both individual types of bonuses and various competitions within the Bonus program), the Casino may write off a specific player’s bonus and block access to the bonus program (partially or completely to all bonuses and competitions). The missing amount of bonuses to be debited (withdrawn from the account in the Casino, or used in games) can be debited from the real account.

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